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Ed Bargy Race Track Design ServicesLLC has several main goals.  These goals were set up after Ed's experience with poorly designed and unsafe tracks.  Race tracks, by nature, will never be totally safe but, there are numerous design options which can reduce the intrinsic safety hazard levels of race tracks.

  • Ed Bargy Race Track Design Services' primary goal is racer safety through proper race track design.  Some of the most recuring major safety problems with many current track designs are,
    • Improper and/or unsafe trackside barriers
    • Inadequate runoff room
    • Il-placed and unsafe pit in and pit out lanes
    • Blind hills and turns 
  • Ed Bargy Race Track Design Services' next set of priorities is to design race tracks which are fun and challenging with good flow & rhythm for the competitors.  After all, if the track is boring, it doesn't matter how safe it is, racers and promoters won't use it.
  • Ed Bargy Race Track Design Services' third main prioity is the spectotor's ability to easliy view the majority if not the entire track from any one vantage point and overall spectator enjoyment of the facility. 

Ed has worked and raced at many tracks in and out of the country during his racing career, which gives him a wide base of experience and information he can call on during the design process. 


One Ed's best design features he is noted for is,

"No haybales or air fence required"


Another unique feature of Ed's designs is bi-directional use.  His tracks are designed to be run in both clockwise and counter-clockwise directions.  This gives the track owner the bonus of two tracks for the price of one!


Ed's axiom is,

"If you have a blank piece of paper and a blank building lot, there is no excuse to design an unsafe track."