"No Haybales Required"

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We strive to design tracks that are challenging, fun, flowing with a nice rhythm. All of our tracks are popular with both the motorcycle racers and auto racers. One of our track owners only hosts motorcycle races at his facility, but they are always being asked, by car racers, to use their facility.

One of our best known and popular features, we design in, is safe functional pit-in and pit-out lanes. Our pit-ins & pit outs allow racers to enter or exit the track during hot track situations. Pit-outs are designed to allow the racer to enter the hot track without being dumped directly on to the active race line. The same with our pit-in designs, the racers will move off the active race line before slowing down to pit.

Another key feature of my tracks is that no haybales, tire walls or air fences are required. Those types of barriers are just stop gap measures, to cover a design flaw. The total number of soft barriers, required for all of my tracks combined, is zero!


Ed Bargy has been connected with the sport of racing for over 6 decades and motorcycle roadracing for over 5 decades. He was introduced to NASCAR dirt oval racing at 7 years old. He won his first trophy racing outboard boats at the age of 11 years old. At 18 he was winning trophies drag racing cars and bikes. He discovered the European sport of auto and bike roadracing while in high school. He soon started his roadracing career.

Besides being a successful motorcycle racer with Regional, National
and National Endurance championships, with decades of racing, he has a very diversified background of training and experiences.

With Ed’s background, he can work side by side with the local civil engineers, architects, and contractors to make sure the project will meet all local building codes and standards.


  • Formally trained as a mechanic in a technical trade school
  • Formally trained in electronics, aerodynamics, avionics, computers, and nuclear weapons in the USAF.
  • Certified for Mercruiser Marine, Mercury Marine, Crusader Marine technician
  • Certified Westerbeke and Onan power systems
  • Hold a “Universal Refrigeration Certification”
  • Formally trained in AutoCAD
  • Earned a degree in “Mechanical Technology” with studies in Dynamics of motion, Physics, metallurgy, Geology, strength of materials, American Standards of Drafting, Architecture

Work Experience

  • Worked a major portion of his adult life in several corporate engineering labs as an “Engineer of Metrology” (science of measurements)
  • Chief of Operations for a National motorcycle roadracing sanctioning body
  • Senior National Motorcycle Race Director
  • Racetrack announcer
  • Racetrack Designer
  • Racetrack safety consultant